jjis-chairmanThis is really a matter of proud privilege for us to share the anticipated project by keeping in mind the need and strong urge for education in the modern era. Jay Jalaram International School has completed a successful decade in the academic realm with an enormous performance in each dimension of education. We are obliged to everyone who has directly or indirectly contributed their best, to fulfill this – once cherished dream into reality. The tree of progress can be blossomed in its real expected state of luster only when it is offered with regular water of dedication, commitment & hard work. We at JJIS, constantly make efforts and move on with this belief. It is truly said that a single man can stand alone but only for a short time and thus, we strongly believe in great teamwork paired with leadership. In order to materialize the dream into reality in the education forum, we have undergone through constant changes for the best possible outcome & impart the purest form of knowledge to the children. The utmost priority has been always given to the overall development of the children and let them learn the maximum out of the ample resources of learning offered.

Our prime aim is to transform each child into a well-educated citizen of tomorrow- to move ahead and cope up with any flow of time in smoothness with the imparted knowledge. To obtain the spirit of national integrity, we offer secular and global Window, to let the children envision their role as an individual and perform their role as an individual and perform their duty with solemn responsibility.

We strongly believe in the hi-tech education as per the demand of the contemporary time, where we consider that each child should avail the benefit of e-learning. By keeping in mind that ‘Language is the dress of thoughts’ we specially insist on the communication skills and provide a better platform for public speaking to every child.

The overall development of a child in mental, physical, emotional and psychological domains is what we focaus upon. Our gladness is to put in remarkable efforts in the glorious career of each child, as we firmly believe that ecach child is special in his/her own way.

Warm Regards,
Mr. Dixit Patel
Jay Jalaram Education Trust